The Biggest Pitfall For Online Course Creators

The future of education will not only be adaptable, it will track your results and keep you accountable for your growth.

A lot of the changes we are seeing come down to a difference between learning and the system we’ve called “Education” for a long time. When you learn something, you internalize it not memorize it. There is a very big difference.

Internalizing your learning means being able to put it into practice and utilize the knowledge to create an experience in the real world. True learning allows you to move forward and use that knowledge to make real decisions.

I know I’ve personally experienced a lot of education. I’ve read a lot of books, and I’ve taken online courses. I even have a master’s degree in accounting… go figure. =) But I’ve forgotten far more than I’ve ever truly learned throughout all these educational experiences.

Let me remind you what you are up against. A crowded market that is full of information. People are being pulled in a different direction because of some new blog posts they read. All the information in the world is at their fingertips with no guidance or process for the implementation of that information. The most useful thing you can give your students is clarity of direction and focus on what they need WHEN they need it.

This is why it’s so important in your online courses and academies to remind people of information that is pertinent at the moment they are listening to it. It’s even better to have a system that allows them to check in and reminds them how far they’ve come. Keep them accountable while you remind them why they are learning what you teach in the first place. Also, keep it simple.

It’s easy to think… Oh, I’ve already told them that, they’ll remember it. But that’s when your learning system fails. That’s when your students fail to connect the dots between what you are teaching now and what you’ve already taught them.

The path to mastery in any subject is a journey all on its own, and you may need to inspire someone at various points in that journey to remain on the path. You might need to support or even wait while they figure out their internal blocks and then ease them back on the path.

How are you inspiring commitment and accountability in your students?

A lot of this can be automated if you think the process through, but either way… you need it to create results.

If you want a closer look at how you can inspire commitment and accountability in your students while using automation, schedule an Academy Roadmap session.

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