The Power of Changing Your Perspective

Too often, what we think of as a problem or challenge in our personal life is only a symptom.

The deeper level solution is one that revolutionizes and creates massive change by changing something in the core of what we believe… by changing our perspective.

When it comes to teaching and training people to create mass transformation, it’s important that you identify and separate the symptoms from the real underlying issue.

In this way, you can form your teaching and training around making big shifts in perspective for people and make that light bulb come off for them. This paves the way for a big shift in their lives.

For example, when people come to me to make the leap out of 1-on-1 coaching and into mass transformation, they usually have one (often more than one) of these symptoms:

  1. People not completing their training
  2. Not making a big enough impact
  3. No room to take on more clients
  4. Not following through on building the business
  5. Not making enough money or working too hard for what they are making.

And it’s intriguing the often circular approach people will take to try to solve their problem… if I just work harder, I know I can fix this.

And they can. Work hard, learn more, try more things… eventually you will find a way. But it almost always turns out to be a simple shift in perspective that is actually needed.

People not completing your training doesn’t mean your content is bad, it’s just not giving them all the support they actually need. It usually isn’t a content issue AT ALL.

No room to take on more clients, but you want a bigger impact… Your entire BUSINESS MODEL might not be set up for what you want to do. This often happens because we think the same thing that worked one-on-one or in a live group works when it’s automated. It takes a different system when you aren’t there to fill in the blanks automatically.

Not making enough money is usually a SELF-VALUE problem… not a product value problem.

The trick here is to get into the perspective of your users and your market WITHOUT getting out of alignment with your own needs.

Then you can build a business that gets you the freedom and stability you want while providing massive value and growth for your clients.

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