Lack of Accountability In the Transformation Industry

I’ve been in the transformation and coaching space helping people with digital marketing and technology for over a decade now.

I’ve seen behind the scenes of some of the largest names of the business and help many people launch new businesses in the space and even more make the shift from 1-on-1 into a more scalable model.

But I have to say… We can do better.

I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve seen some random online program hit the market, launch, make a ton of money… and just disappear without actually creating results for people.

The truth is… you don’t actually have to create value in order to make money online. There is a formula… and if you follow it… you can make a lot of money… For a while.

Because of this, it’s fairly common for people to sell something and just leave the responsibility for results in the hands of the person who bought a program. And I get it… it’s the easy way out… just blame the person for not taking action.

But if you are really in this for the long haul, and your business is about more than JUST making money (I mean… you have to eat too 😀)… you are doing yourself, your business, and most importantly… your clients a disservice by not giving them the full support they need to make a transformation in their lives.

Education is just a small part of building real transformation. There is so much more… accountability, customization, creating a safe structure and space for it to happen, dealing with emotional, mental, and physical hurdles, and more.

You want to create real transformation at scale? Stop thinking about the course that’s going to give you ultimate freedom and start thinking about your responsibility to be a guide and create the structure and systems that can hand-hold someone through a massive change in their life.

Take responsibility for your client’s results.

Then take responsibility for creating the process that works a high % of the time.

Then you can finally build a system to catalyze real change.

You can build a masterpiece of your life’s work in away that can even outlive you.

There is so much technology and resources available to us to do better.

It is possible to create your own life’s work masterpiece that works on autopilot.. but it takes so much more than just a course or a product to be the catalyst for big shifts and changes in people’s lives.

To learn more on how to create a masterpiece tool that works on autopilot and catalyzes real change, schedule your Academy Roadmap Session.

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