Real Results Comes From Real Engagement

The biggest hole I see for most people in their online academy is a lack of engagement.

There is an expectation that it’s just on the end-user to figure it out and take full responsibility for actually learning. It’s true that at some level, they have to commit, but how easy it is just to get caught up in life and forget to come back.

If you aren’t finding ways to continue to sell your product AFTER the student has bought, you are missing out on a metric ton of impact you could be making.

Engagement strategies shouldn’t be an afterthought, they should be built into the plan for the academy.

At the bare minimum, are you sending reminders when people don’t log in for a while? This easy to setup automation alone can help in a big way.

The real power though is in an integrated plan to build commitment to the goal or results in your students are trying to reach. That type of commitment can come in a number of ways psychologically: not wanting to let down the group, clarity and reminders on why they started the program, to begin with, and many other strategies.

The gold here is to be aware of what is happening in the education journey and anticipate the student’s needs.

Because guess what… you aren’t just running a course or even just an online academy. You are running a business designed to help people get results.

So… how are you creating “the stick factor” for your students?

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